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Wisconsin EMS Association Cruises

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to purchase Carnival's Air to get down to San Juan, Puerto Rico?

No you do not. Anyone can purchase their own airfare to San Juan. Please feel free to call Magic Carpet Travel to make specific arrangements for your party. Keep in mind airfare can NOT be purchased more than eleven months in advance. For example, the airlines will not begin selling tickets for March 4, 2007 until at least April 4, 2006.

Will a Pre-Cruise Package be offered?

Yes, but exactly what the package will include and how much it will cost is to be determined. Wisconsin EMS Association and Magic Carpet Travel will be working on a few different packages to meet passengers’ needs and desires. Due to the time constraints placed by the airlines and Carnival, specific packages will not be available until approximately July 2006. All booked passengers will receive pre-package information when it becomes available.

I'm not exactly sure what I want to do about the air? Should I go with pre-package, go down the same day of travel with Carnival's air, purchase my own. What do I do now?

You do not have to make up your mind immediately. Magic Carpet Travel suggests signing up for Carnival's air at booking, just so you have some mode of transportation to San Juan, to make it to the cruise on time. If you decide later (prior to final payment) to go on a pre-package offered or purchase your own air, you can just change your air request. But, you will need to make a decision prior to final payment. After final payment, any changes will result in administrative fees and ticket penalties.

If we purchase Carnival's air when will we know the exact itinerary?

The exact itinerary will come with your documents, approximately 2 weeks prior to departure.

What type of air itinerary can I expect?

We are afraid everything under the sun goes. Carnival could have you on a non-stop or connecting flight. The airline could depart your home city any time between 5am and 11am, they could depart San Juan on the return any time between 1pm and 7pm. Carnival has contracts with various airlines, their requirements are to get you to the ship on time. Not when, where or how. Sorry, we can not be more specific.

When will we find out about which cabin we have?

All cabin assignments will be included in your documents.

Why do we have to wait for the last minute to find our cabin location?

All of the cabin categories are the lowest level and cost the least in each classification. For example; Inside is 4A, Ocean View 6A, Balcony 8A. We are hoping for free upgrades. Upgrades are not given out until the last minute before the printing of the documents approximately two weeks prior to departure. The Wisconsin EMS Association Group will receive preferential treatment from Carnival. We will receive upgrades, if available, prior to other passengers on board. (Last cruise everyone received at least a one category upgrade. For Example; 4A to 4B, 6A to 6B, 8A to 8B.)

I will be traveling with children can we get connecting rooms?

Yes, connecting rooms are available for Ocean View Cabins, however they are limited. Please inform Magic Carpet Travel in the Special Request section on the booking form of your requirement. All Balcony Cabins can be connected by the balcony. Just request from your Cabin Steward, that you wish the barrier between balconies to be opened. Once again, please state your requirement to have cabins next to each other in the Special Request section on the booking form.

Are there hair dryers, refrigerators, and irons in the cabins?

The cabins have hair dryers and refrigerators. For safety reasons, irons are not provided in the cabins. They are located in the launderettes, which are open 24 hours a day. The launderettes are located on each deck.

Are there handicap facilities on the ship?

Yes, the Carnival Destiny is handicap assessable. There are handicap staterooms on board the Carnival Destiny. If you require a handicap room, please make a note in the Special Request section on the booking form.

Do I need to exchange money for the different ports of call?

No, all the cruise ship stops will be happy to accept the US dollar.

What will happen if my cabin mate can not go, but I still want to go?

You have 3 choices:
1. Find another person to go with you. You can switch cabin mates up until final payment without any penalty.

2. Find some friends who will allow you to bunk with them. The third and forth passengers in a cabin are less expensive than the first two.

3. Pay a single supplement, which is 200% of cabin price.

What is the drinking age on the ship?

The drinking age on the Carnival Destiny is the same as that in the United States, 21.

Do I have to tip?

It is customary to tip those that attend your every needs. We suggest the following gratuities: Cabin Steward - $3.50 per guest per day; Dining Room Team Service - $5.50 per guest per day; Tipping your Maitre d' is at your discretion, based upon the service you received. Gratuities are customarily given the last evening of the cruise. However, for your convenience, gratuities are automatically added to your Sail and Sign card. Naturally, guests can adjust or remove gratuities at their discretion. During the cruise, just stop by the pursers desk and they can make any adjustments you require. For your convenience on board the ship, a 15% gratuity is automatically included on all beverage tabs.

What is the Sail and Sign Card?

Onboard the Carnival Destiny, it is a cashless society. Each passenger is issued a Sail and Sign card. It acts as your room key and credit card on the ship. For your convenience, most of your shipboard purchases are made with and charged to your Sail and Sign account. This way you do not have to carry your wallet or purse, one simple card does it all. The casino, however, naturally takes only cold hard cash. A running tab is kept on your Sail and Sign card of everything purchased on the ship. To set up your account you must fill out the required application form, included with your cruise documents. You will be required to select a method of payment to settle your Sail and Sign account. Carnival accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and cash for deposit on your account. (A minimum deposit of $100 will be required for cash accounts.) At the end of the cruise, you will be issued a purchase tally and bill total. This amount will be charged to your personal credit card.

Is there a way to see what my balance and purchases are on my Sail and Sign account?

Each Sail and Sign account is specific to a cabin and individual. Using your staterooms television and your specific folio number (found on your Sail and Sign card) you can view your account. The lead passenger who has set up the account or whose credit card is on file, will see all charges made for the stateroom. Other individuals will only be able to see what they have specifically charged. The lead passenger is the only one who will be billed.

I'm traveling with friends, can we keep all of our charges separate?

Yes, when checking in tell Carnival Personal you would like to have separate accounts. A different credit card or cash deposit will need to be given for each individual.

Can I purchase shore excursions prior to the cruise?

No, the shore excursions are subject to change. Carnival constantly updates the tours and vendors to give passengers the best shore excursion experience.

What happens if I purchase an excursion and we miss the port of call due to bad weather or mechanical problems?

Your money will automatically be refunded back to you, via your Sail and Sign account.

What happens if we miss a port of call due to bad weather or mechanical problems?

Carnival is not required to do anything. All itineraries are subject to change at the discretion of the Captain and Carnival because of weather and mechanical problems. They may attempt to stop at a different port of call, to make up for the missed one.

What is included in my Carnival Cruise price?

Your accommodations, all the food you could possibly need or want, some beverages with meals (juice, milk, coffee), use of the fitness center, live entertainment, ship board activities, and all of the extras that traveling with a group provides. These special perks include: two exclusive, complimentary cocktail parties, cruiser’s newsletters, and services of the travel agents escorting the group.

What is NOT included in my Carnival Cruise price?

Shore excursions, medical services, items of a personal nature - such as bar beverages, gift shop purchases, spa treatments, gambling and gratuities.

Where can I find more information about obtaining a passport?

You can follow this link to a government site that will offer more information.